In business to help your business

At Dilan Design we aim to produce beautiful and simple solutions to the design needs of our clients. Be it a new website launch, a redesign of their brand identity, or a quick print design, we have the combined expertise to provide a solution that will stand out on the internet and on paper.

About Dilan Design

Dilan Design, LLC., a freelance design firm based in West Palm Beach, FL.

Hello, my name is Johnnier (Johnny). I’m a website designer / front-end developer who creates simple and effective designs that take into account usability. I strive to create intuitive designs that can be rapidly developed into a user interface that takes into account the latest techniques in HTML 5, CSS, and jQuery.

I take into consideration the latest web standards and technologies in every project I do. I have always been a natural problem solver and strive to find solutions to problems when others can’t seem to find them. For the past 12 plus years, I have worked in the fields of website, graphic and interface design.

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Martial Art Studies

I study the Japanese martial art called Kendo, which I currently hold the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt). In 2014 I began studying another sword art called Batto do, the art of cutting with a Japanese blade. If you’re interested in finding out more about all these disciplines please visit Toku Bu Kan.

The Design Process

We start every project by researching to understand how your business and customers will use the finished product. This process allows us to create a design that will accomplish the desired results at the end of the project. Through good exploration comes a strategy that generates amazing resulting for your business.

The Platform & Software

We develop complete website, landing pages and secure ecommerce solution for your business using WordPress. A tested platform that is up-to-date with the latest web standards in an ever-growing industry. We create all our graphic design projects using Adobe Creative Cloud suite of design software, which means our finish products can be used on any printed medium.

Empowering The Client

Before launching your website, we offer critical training that allows all our clients to do simple updates to their sites ranging from text changes to creating blog posts. WordPress allows businesses to update their site content without any knowledge of coding on their website. This means our clients have full control over their website when using Dilan Design.

Design Philosophy

I believe in creating designs that are simple and convey a message with effective visuals.

To me, creative design should be something that is produced to express an idea. Therefore, the best way to do this is by creating designs that are not complex but convey the proper message to the end user. This philosophy developed into a tagline for myself, Design Through Simplicity. The more complex a design, the harder it is for a visitor/user to navigate through it and the harder it is for that project/phase to be completed on time.

In addition, one code of conduct that I follow as a professional designer is once you stop learning and striving to expand your skill set, you become worthless to yourself and clients. Even with our busy lifestyles, an individual has to take / make time to expand their knowledge in their professional field and beyond.

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